Creative Real Estate Opportunities

Midwest First Financial, Inc. purchases a variety of real estate deals. Midwest is currently involved in 14 development projects and 3 income producing projects.  The following are some examples of the types of projects Midwest is looking for attractive investment opportunities with the following characteristics:

  1. In-fill projects for land development at below market prices

  2. Income property need rehab or cash injection for stabilization to reach market value

  3. High visibility/high traffic count locations

  4. Strong growth areas with adjacent development activity

  5. Trend demand emerging areas

  6. Good product targeting demographics

  7. Risk adjusted IRR of greater than 20% on a 3-5 year hold

Midwest has the ability to close transactions all cash, usually within 24 hours of finalizing deal terms and due diligence.  We usually like some amount of project financing depending upon the type of investment and the rehab or infrastructure requirements. 

The Process...

To submit a real estate deal, the seller or broker should provide an executive summary of the project, including pictures and location map. Commercial property should break out income and expenses, current occupancy and a summary of leases.  The project needs to be able to produce in excess of a 20% IRR on a 3-5 year hold.

If Midwest is interested in the property, we will submit a Letter of Intent. Once signed, Midwest will begin due diligence on the property including obtaining a Brokers Price Opinion of Value, inspection, and lease analysis (if applicable). During the due diligence period, Midwest will negotiate a mutually acceptable purchase agreement. Upon completion of due diligence, and execution of the purchase agreement, Midwest will close within 24 hours.  Midwest will do and has done deals with local partners.

Do you have a creative real estate venture?

Contact us directly using the information below, or send us an e-mail detailing the venture, Midwest's involvement, the terms of the deal, and how to contact you. Our e-mail address is .

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